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Austral journal of veterinary sciences
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Austral j. vet. sci. vol.52 no.1 Valdivia Jan. 2020

 ·  Methane production: Where should we focus our attention?
Editorial Committee

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 ·  Effect of test year, parity number and days in milk on somatic cell count in dairy cows of Los Ríos region in Chile
Sebastino, Kiala B.; Uribe, Héctor; González, Humberto H.

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 ·  Comparison of two phenotypical methods to segregate resistant and susceptible lambs to parasitic nematodes
Cruz-Tamayo, Alvar; González-Garduño, Roberto; Torres-Hernández, Glafiro; Becerril-Pérez, Carlos M.; Hernández-Mendo, Omar; Ramírez-Bribiesca, Jacinto Efrén; López-Arellano, María E.; Vargas-Magaña, Juan J.; Ojeda-Robertos, Nadia F.

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 ·  Histopathological lesions compatible with nymphs of Linguatula serrata in bovine liver
Morales Muñoz, Pamela; Carrillo Parraguez, Miguel; González Marambio, María; Carvallo Chaigneau, Francisco

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 ·  Variability of cranial morphometrical traits in Suffolk Down Sheep
de la Barra, Rodrigo; Carvajal, Andrés M.; Martínez, María E.

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 ·  Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) infection in the endangered huemul deer (Hippocamelus bisulcus) in Patagonia
Corti, Paulo; Collado, Bernardita; Riquelme, Carlos; Tomckowiack, Camilo; Salgado, Miguel

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 ·  Serological survey of bovine viral diarrhea (BVDV-1), brucellosis, and leptospirosis in captive white-lipped peccaries (Tayassu pecari) from the Midwest region in Brazil
Gatto, Igor R.H.; Di Santo, Ludimilla G.; Storino, Gabriel Y.; Sanfilippo, Luiz F.; Ribeiro, Marcio G.; Mathias, Luis A.; Carciofi, Aulus C.; De Oliveira, Luís G.

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 ·  Seropositivity to Leptospira interrogans in a herd of vicuñas (Vicugna vicugna) under captivity in northern Chile
Norambuena, Cecilia; Roldán, Mariana; Tuemmers, Christian; Quezada, Gerardo; Betancourt, Oriana

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