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Cubo (Temuco)

versión On-line ISSN 0719-0646

Cubo vol.23 no.3 Temuco dic. 2021 


Some integral inequalities related to Wirtinger’s result for p-norms

1 Mathematics, College of Engineering & Science, Victoria University, PO Box 14428 Melbourne City, MC 8001, Australia. DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, School of Computer Science & Applied Mathematics, University of the Witwatersrand, Private Bag 3, Johannesburg 2050, South Africa.


In this paper we establish several natural consequences of some Wirtinger type integral inequalities for p-norms. Applications related to the trapezoid unweighted inequalities, of Grüss’ type inequalities and reverses of Jensen’s inequality are also provided.

Keywords and Phrases: Wirtinger’s inequality; trapezoid inequality; Grüss’ inequality; Jensen’s inequality


En este artículo establecemos varias consecuencias naturales de algunas desigualdades integrales de tipo Wirtinger para p-normas. También se entregan aplicaciones relacionadas a desigualdades trapezoidales sin peso, desigualdades de tipo Grüss y reversos de la desigualdad de Jensen.

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The author would like to thank the anonymous referees for valuable suggestions that have been implemented in the final version of the manuscript.


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Accepted: October 05, 2021; Received: May 02, 2021

Creative Commons License This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License