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Cubo (Temuco)

versión On-line ISSN 0719-0646

Cubo vol.13 no.3 Temuco oct. 2011 

CUBO A Mathematical Journal Vol.13, No03, (49-56). October 2011


On Strongly Fβp-irresolute Mappings


Ratnesh Kumar Saraf and Miguel Caldas

Department of Mathematics, Government Kamla Nehru, Girls College DAMOH (M.P.)-470661, India.

Departamento de Matemática Aplicada, Universidade Federal Fluminense Rua Maario Santos Braga s/nP,CEP: 24020-140, Niteroi-RJ,Brasil.


In this paper, we introduce a new class of mappings called strongly Fpp-irresolute mappings between fuzzy topological spaces. We obtain several characterizations of this class and study its properties and investigate the relationship with the known mappings.

Keywords: Fuzzy topological spaces, fuzzy p-open sets, fuzzy p-preirresolute maps, strongly fuzzy p-preirresolute maps.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 54C10, 54D10.


En este trabajo presentamos una nueva clase de funciones llamadas funciones fuertemente Fpp-irresolute entre espacios topológicos difusos. Obtenemos varias caracterizaciones de esta clase, estudiamos sus propiedades e investigamos la relación con funciones conocidas.


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Received: June 2009. Revised: August 2010.


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