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Cubo (Temuco)

On-line version ISSN 0719-0646

Cubo vol.13 no.2 Temuco June 2011 

CUBO A Mathematical Journal Vol.13, Nº02, (59-72). June 2011

On λ strong homogeneity existence for cofinality logic

Saharon Shelah 1
Einstein Institute of Mathematics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 91904, Israel. email:

Let C Reg be a non-empty class (of regular cardinals). Then the logic has additional nice properties: it has the homogeneous model existence property.

Keywords and phrases: Model theory, soft model theory, cofinality quantifier.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C95, 03C80.

Sea C Reg una clase no vacía (de cardinales regulares). Entonces la lógica tiene propiedades adicionales: Esta tiene la propiedad de modelo existencia homogénea.

1The author thanks Alice Leonhardt for the beautiful typing. The author would like to thank the Israel Science
Foundation for partial support of this research (Grants No. 451/99 and 710/07). Publication 750.

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Received: April 2009. Revised: December 2009.

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