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Gayana (Concepción)

Print version ISSN 0717-652XOn-line version ISSN 0717-6538

Gayana (Concepc.) vol.68 no.1 Concepción  2004 

  Gayana 68(1): 93-97, 2004 Comunicaciones breves ISSN 0717-652X



Rodrigo Moreno1 & Héctor Ibarra-Vidal2

1Programa Biodiversidad de Chile, Departamento de Ciencias del Mar, Universidad Arturo Prat, Casilla 121, Iquique, Chile.
2Expediciones al Conocimiento, Casilla 2916, Concepción, Chile.


Additions of new species of herpetological fauna to the Herpetological Collection of the Museo del Mar, Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique, Chile, are documented. The Collection currently contains 56 herpetological species, 16 of which are Amphibia, and 40 of which are Reptilia, both terrestrial and marine. There is a total of 165 specimens, of which approximately 38% are Chilean species.

Keywords: Herpetological catalogue, Chilean herpetofauna, Museo del Mar, Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique, Chile.


Se documentan las nuevas especies de herpetozoos incorporados a la Colección Herpetológica del Museo del Mar de la Universidad Arturo Prat de Iquique. La Colección cuenta actualmente con 56 especies de herpetozoos, 16 de anfibios y 40 de reptiles tanto terrestres como marinos, con un total de 165 ejemplares, correspondientes aproximadamente a un 38% del total de herpetozoos chilenos.

Palabras Claves: Catálogo herpetológico, Herpetofauna chilena, Museo del Mar, Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique, Chile.


The Museo del Mar of the Universidad Arturo Prat in Iquique, Chile, has decided as part of its initial activities, to place emphasis on the herpetological fauna of this country by means of its herpetological reference collection. The origin of this effort arose from the concern of the University in specializing regional studies of biodiversity.

The need for increasing the herpetological collections was mentioned by Formas (1995) and Veloso et al. (1995). This requirement was particularly relevant to the northern portion of Chile, where this collection is the only one which has been developed.

The collection up until 2001 housed 100 specimens, belonging to 29 species grouped into 11 Genera and six Families (Moreno et al. 2001), and represented about 10% of the herpetological fauna of Chile. Presently, following the policy of strengthening the collection by the Chile Biodiversity Program of the Universidad Arturo Prat, the collection has been able to significantly expand its taxonomic representation both regionally and nationally, now containing 56 species including 16 Amphibia and 40 Reptilia, both terrestrial and marine. The 165 specimens now held represent approximately 38% of known Chilean herpe-tological species.

Following new strategic orientation of the Program, it is expected that the present collection will be important for reference at regional and national levels, to which end the present contributions are made.

The now presented catalogue includes, in sequential order, the acronym of the Museo del Mar (MUAP), the museum number for each specimen, its geographical location, Province and administrative Region with respective geographic coordinates (Table I), and collection date.

Table I. Geographic coordinates of cited localities.

Tabla I. Coordenadas geográficas de las localidades citadas.


The systematic representation for the major taxonomic categories follows Dowling and Duellman (1978). At the specific level, authorities include Cei (1962), Donoso-Barros (1966), Peters and Donoso-Barros (1970), Veloso and Navarro (1988), Frost and Etheridge (1989), Ortiz (1989), Núñez and Jaksic (1992) and Etheridge (1995).

CLASS Amphibia
Family Bufonidae Fitzinger 1826
Species Bufo papillosus (Philippi 1902)
MUAP 0110: Parque Nacional Laguna del Laja (Bío-Bío, VIII); 7-12-1986.

Species Bufo spinulosus Wiegmann, 1835
MUAP 0103-04: Mamiña (Iquique, I); 15-10-1996; MUAP 0107: Caspana (El Loa, II); 16-9-1986; MUAP 0108-09: Geysers El Tatío (El Loa, II); 19-9-1986.

Family Leptodactylidae Berg, 1838
Species Alsodes barrioi Veloso, Díaz, Iturra & Penna 1981
MUAP 0144-46: Parque Nacional Nahuelbuta (Malleco, VIII); 16-11-1986.

Species Batrachyla leptopus Bell, 1843
MUAP 0115: Alto Palena (Palena, X); 19-2-1987.

Species Batrachyla taeniata (Girard 1854)
MUAP 0111-13: Osorno (Osorno, X); 21-6-1985; 
MUAP 0114: Trumao (Osorno, X); 30-10-1986.

Species Caudiverbera caudiverbera (Linnaeus 1758)
MUAP 0142-43: Cauquenes (Cauquenes, VII); 15-2-1987.

Species Eupsophus calcaratus (Gunther 1881)
MUAP 0116: Bahía Mansa (Osorno, X); 17-10-1987.

Species Eupsophus migueli Formas, 1978
MUAP 0117: Mehuín (Valdivia, X); 7-9-1987.

Species Pleurodema bufonina Bell 1843
MUAP 0118-20: Parque Nacional Laguna del Laja (Bío-Bío, VIII); 7-12-1986.

Species Pleurodema thaul (Lesson 1826)
MUAP 0121-23: Osorno (Osorno, X); 17-1-1984;
MUAP 0124: Concepción (Concepción, VIII); 6-4-1986.

Species Telmatobius marmoratus (Duméril & Bibron 1841)
MUAP 0140-41: Parajaya (Iquique, I); 12-11-1990.

Family Rhinodermatidae Bonaparte 1850
Species Rhinoderma darwinii Duméril & Bibron 1841
MUAP 0147: Pucatrihue (Osorno, X); 12-2-1987.

Family Pipidae Gray 1825 Species Xenopus laevis (Daudin 1802)

MUAP 0105-06: Pudahuel (Santiago, Región Metropolitana); 15-3-1992.

CLASS Reptilia
Subfamily Liolaeminae Frost & Etheridge 1989.
Species Liolaemus constanzae Donoso-Barros, 1961
MUAP 0127: Termas de Puritama (El Loa, II); 5-10-1997.

Species Liolaemus copiapoensis Müller & Hellmich, 1933
MUAP 0126; 0128: Quebrada Algarrobal (Huasco, III); 23-1-1984.

Species Liolaemus cyanogaster cyanogaster Duméril & Bibron 1837
MUAP 0148: Osorno (Osorno, X); 7-1-2002; MUAP 0149: Negrete (Bío-Bío, VIII); 26-3-2001.

Species Liolaemus lemniscatus Gravenhorst 1838
MUAP 0130-31: La Reina (Santiago, Región Metropolitana); 5-10-1983.
MUAP 0152-56: Nacimiento (Bío-Bío, VIII); 6-1-2002.

Species Liolaemus cf. pantherinus Pellegrin 1909
MUAP 0162: Ollagüe (El Loa, II); 7-1-2002.

Species Liolaemus paulinae Donoso-Barros 1961
MUAP 0150: Calama (El Loa, II); 6-12-2000.

Species Liolaemus pictus pictus Duméril & Bibron 1837
MUAP 0134-35: Concepción (Concepción, VIII); 20-10-1983.
MUAP 0157-58: Lago Rupanco (Osorno, X); 21-1-1984.
MUAP 0159-61: Bahía Mansa (Osorno, X); 9-1-2002.

Species Liolaemus rosenmanni Núñez & Navarro 1992
MUAP 0165: Laguna Santa Rosa (Copiapó, III); 14-1-1996.

Species Liolaemus schroederi Müller & Hellmich 1938
MUAP 0136-38: Concepción (Concepción, VIII); 20-10-1983.

Species Liolaemus silvai Ortiz, 1989
MUAP 0132-33: Huasco (Huasco, III); 18-10-1989.

Species Liolaemus tenuis Duméril & Bibron 1837
MUAP 0080; 0094; 0129: Concepción (Concepción, VIII); 20-10-1987.

Species Liolaemus zapallarensis Müller & Hellmich 1933
MUAP 0139: Talinay (Limarí, IV); 21-1-1969.

Species Liolaemus reichei (Werner 1907)
MUAP 0163: Iquique (Iquique, I); 12-9-2002.

Species Phymaturus flagellifer Bell 1843
MUAP 0151: Parque Nacional Laguna del Laja (Bío-Bío, VIII); 16-11-1999.

Subfamily Polychrotinae Frost & Etheridge, 1989
Species Pristidactylus torquatus (Philippi 1861)
MUAP 0125: Curicó (Curicó, VII); 9-3-1985.

Family Cheloniidae Gray, 1825
Species Lepidochelys olivacea Eschscholtz, 1829
MUAP 0164: Iquique (Iquique, I); 20-4-1996.


In agreement with geographic records for species in the present catalogue, the suggestions of Etheridge and Williams (1985) are accepted, regarding the distribution of Pristidactylus torquatus to the Nothofagus forests of Curicó, and that the geographic distribution suggested by Donoso-Barros (1966) from Chillán in southern Chile should be extended, which was also considered by Lamborot and Díaz (1987). In the case of the "African toad" Xenopus laevis, an exotic species harmful to the autochthonous biota, this has been considered as another species within the diversity of Amphibia in the country as this species is widely dispersed in various aquatic systems in Chile's central zone.

The present value of the herpetological fauna of the Collection at the biogeographic level reaches from the xeromorphic zone to the hygromorphic zone of the country, which suitably strengthens the scope of the collection. The continued strengthening of the collection though the Chile Biodiversity Program of the Universidad Arturo Prat, will permit defining strategies oriented toward the systematic enrichment of taxonomic representation both regionally and nationally, producing an important reference source for the northern portion of Chile as well as the rest of the country.


We thank Profs. Walter Sielfeld and Guillermo Guzmán of the Universidad Arturo Prat for their constant support during the execution of this work. We thank the herpetologists Juan Carlos Ortiz, Pedro Victoriano, Marcela Vidal, Fernando Torres-Pérez and Jorge Moreno for donation of samples to the present collection. This study formed part of the Chile Biodiversity Program of the Universidad Arturo Prat.



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Fecha de aceptación: 14/05/04


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