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Revista de otorrinolaringología y cirugía de cabeza y cuello

 ISSN 0718-4816

MORALES O., Brian et al. Characterization of patients with tinnitus and audiometric findings. Rev. Otorrinolaringol. Cir. Cabeza Cuello []. 2020, 80, 4, pp.461-468. ISSN 0718-4816.  http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-48162020000400461.


tinnitus is defined as the conscious perception of a sound, in the absence of a corresponding external acoustic stimulus. It has been related to multiple comorbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, hearing loss, with no solid evidence at present. There are various ways to experience tinnitus, whether it is unilateral or bilateral, intermittent or persistent onset, from mild quality of life deterioration to disabling forms. Knowing the various pathologies present in tinnitus, especially hearing loss, becomes relevant when confronting patients with this pathology.


To characterize tinnitus and its main audiometric findings in patients treated at the Otorhinolaryngology Service of the Herminda Martin of Chillán Clinical Hospital in Chile.

Material and Method:

Retrospective study. Patients older than 18 years with a diagnosis of tinnitus between the years 2015-2017 were included. Epidemiological information, comorbidities, clinical presentation of tinnitus according to laterality and frequency, associated hearing loss and audiometric findings were obtained.


249 patients were included. Most were women (70%), with an onset average age of tinnitus between 60 to 79 years (52%). The accompanying otorhinolaryngological symptoms were in less than 10% of the cases. The main comorbidities were high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and autoimmune pathologies. 52% of tinnitus was unilateral presentation and in 66% it was continuous. 43% had hypoacusis objectified on the audiogram, regardless of whether they had the sensation of hearing loss.


Tinnitus is a complex and multifactorial pathology, in this sense, the presence of objective hearing loss in audiometry was present in 43% of patients, being one of the main causes to be ruled out by the doctor in the patient's first confrontation.

: tinnitus; hearing loss; audiometry; unilateral; continuous.

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