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Revista chilena de infectología

 ISSN 0716-1018

TORRES, Jairo et al. Knowledge and application in hygienic practices in food preparation and self-report of food poisoning in Chilean homes. []. , 35, 5, pp.483-489. ISSN 0716-1018.  http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/s0716-10182018000500483.


Foodborne diseases in the home are considered a problem at the national level, however, there is little information about household handling habits.


To Identify the hygienic practices of people who prepare food at home and self-reporting food intoxication in Chilean homes.

Material and Methods:

A survey with 15 questions was made in google docs, containing questions about food handling practices and self-reporting food intoxication.


2024 people were surveyed. Ninety six percent prepare food at home, of the total whom cook, 88% of respondents consider important good food handling practices at home, 76% say they know about the concept of cross contamination, however, more than 40% start their purchase in supermarkets with dairy and meat products which indicates that there is a high probability of cold chain loss, 56% of respondents indicate that they defrost food at room temperature, and with respect to fruits or vegetables only 12.5% use a disinfectant. Of the total number of respondents, 17% indicated that they had suffered food poisoning and of these only 64% attended the doctor.


Although it is argued to have knowledge about good food handling practices, some important practices are not carried out.

: Hygienic practices; diseases transmitted by food; food handling.

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