Scielo RSS <![CDATA[Proyecciones (Antofagasta)]]> vol. 28 num. 1 lang. en <![CDATA[SciELO Logo]]> <![CDATA[ON ĝ-HOMEOMORPHISMS IN TOPOLOGICAL SPACES]]> In this paper, we first introduce a new class of closed map called ĝ-closed map. Moreover, we introduce a new class of homeomorphism called ĝ-homeomorphism, which are weaker than homeomorphism. We prove that gc-homeomorphism and ĝ-homeomorphism are independent. We also introduce ĝ*-homeomorphisms and prove that the set of all ĝ*-homeomorphisms forms a group under the operation of composition of maps. <![CDATA[ARENS REGULARITY OF SOME BILINEAR MAPS]]> Let H be a Hilbert space. we show that the following statements are equivalent: (a) B(H) is finite dimension, (b) every left Banach module action l : B(H)×H → H, is Arens regular (c) every bilinear map f : B(H)*→ B(H) is Arens regular. Indeed we show that a Banach space X is reflexive if and only if every bilinear map f : X* × X → X* is Arens regular. <![CDATA[SOME REMARKS ON GENERALIZED MITTAG-LEFFLER FUNCTION]]> The principal aim of the paper is to establish the function <img border=0 width=102 height=21 src="http://fbpe/img/proy/v28n1/img03.jpg" alt="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v28n1/img03.jpg">and its properties by using Fractional Calculus. We also obtained some integral representations of the function <img border=0 width=64 height=27 src="http://fbpe/img/proy/v28n1/img02.jpg" alt="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v28n1/img02.jpg">which is recently introduced by Shukla and Prajapati[6]. <![CDATA[ON SUMS OF BINOMIAL COEFFICIENTS]]> We investigate the integral representation of infinite sums involving the ratio of binomial coefficients. We also recover some wellknown properties of ζ (3) and extend the range of results given by other authors. <![CDATA[FINITISTIC SPACES IN L-TOPOLOGICAL SPACES]]> In this paper the concept of finitistic spaces in L-topological spaces is introduced by means of α-Q-covers of open L subsets. Also a characterization of finitistic spaces in the weakly induced L-topological spaces is obtained. Moreover the behavior of finitistic spaces under various types of maps such as fuzzy perfect maps is also investigated. <![CDATA[A NOTE ON THE FIBER DIMENSION THEOREM]]> The aim of this work is to prove a version of the Fiber Dimension Theorem, emphasizing the case of non-closed points.<hr/>El objetivo de este trabajo es probar una versión del Teorema de la Dimensión de la Fibra, enfatizando el caso de puntos no cerrados. <![CDATA[A NEW APPROACH TO ALMOST FUZZY COMPACTNESS]]> A new definition of almost fuzzy compactness is introduced in Ltopological spaces by means of open L-sets and their inequality when L is a complete DeMorgan algebra. It can also be characterized by closed L-sets, regularly closed L-sets, regularly open L-sets and their inequalities. When L is a completely distributive DeMorgan algebra, its many characterizations are presented. <![CDATA[AN ABSTRACT GLIDING HUMP PROPERTY]]> In this paper we introduce an abstract gliding hump property for sequence spaces which includes the signed weak and strong gliding hump properties as special cases. Further examples of sequence spaces satisfying the abstract gliding hump property are given, We then derive results concerning uniform convergence in β-duals, Hahn-Schur theorems and Orlicz-Pettis theorems for multiplier convergent series whose multiplier space satisfies the abstract gliding hump property.