Scielo RSS <![CDATA[Proyecciones (Antofagasta)]]> vol. 21 num. 1 lang. en <![CDATA[SciELO Logo]]> <![CDATA[PARABOLIC PERTURBATION IN THE FAMILY <IMG SRC="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v21n1/refernciafig04.jpg" WIDTH=270 HEIGHT=47>]]> Consider the family of rational maps <IMG SRC="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v21n1/for01.jpg" WIDTH=472 HEIGHT=38>and the hyperboliccomponent A1 = f w : fw has an attracting fixed point g : We prove that <IMG SRC="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v21n1/for02.jpg" WIDTH=202 HEIGHT=23>iparabolic parameter with corre-sponding multiplier a primitive <IMG SRC="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v21n1/for03.jpg" WIDTH=298 HEIGHT=24>there exists a hyperbolic component Wq; attached to A1 at the point w0; which contains w ยก values for which fw has an at-tracting periodic cycle of period q. 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification : Primary 30D05, 58F23 <![CDATA[ASYMPTOTIC EQUILIBRIUM FOR CERTAIN TYPE OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS WITH MAXIMUM]]> In this work we obtain asymptotic representations for the solutions of certain type of differential equations with maxi-mum.We deduce the asymptotic equilibrium for this class of differential equations. 1991 Math. Subject Classification: 34A20 <![CDATA[SOME SPECIAL KLEINIAN GROUPS AND THEIR ORBIFOLDS]]> Let us consider an abstract group with the following presentation <IMG SRC="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v21n1/for04.jpg" WIDTH=499 HEIGHT=60> <IMG SRC="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v21n1/for05.jpg" WIDTH=358 HEIGHT=40>. We provide conditions in order to find a faithful, discrete and geometrically finite representation <IMG SRC="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v21n1/for06.jpg" WIDTH=315 HEIGHT=29>that is, to represent G as a group of isometries of the hyperbolic three space H 3 <![CDATA[ON FUZZY WEAKLY SEMIOPEN FUNCTIONS]]> In this paper, we introduce and characterize fuzzy weakly semiopen functions between fuzzy topological spaces as natural dual to the fuzzy weakly semicontinuous functions and also study these functions in relation to some other types of already known functions. 2000 Math. Subject Classification : Primary: 54A40 <![CDATA[REGULARITY OF SOLUTIONS OF PARTIAL NEUTRAL FUNCTIONAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS WITH UNBOUNDED DELAY]]> We prove the existence of regular solutions for a class of quasi-linear partial neutral functional differential equations with unbounded delay that can be described as the abstract retarded functional differential equation <IMG SRC="http:/fbpe/img/proy/v21n1/for07.jpg" WIDTH=522 HEIGHT=33>where A is the infinitesimal generator of a strongly continuous semigroup of bounded linear operators on a Banachspace X and F, G are appropriated functions <![CDATA[ON THE VOLUMETRIC ENTROPY IN THE NON COMPACT CASE]]> We give an example of a non compact riemannian manifold with finite volume for which the limit corresponding to the clas-sical definition of the volumetric entropy does not exist. This confirms the fact that in the non compact finite volume case,the natural definition is given by the critical exponent of the mean growth rate for the volume on the riemannian covering. Subject classification AMS 2000 : Primary 37A35 ; Secondary : 37D40, 53C24