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Scope and policy

Universum. Revista de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales is a publication of the Institute of Humanistic Studies "Juan Ignacio Molina" of the University of Talca. Its aim is to stimulate reflection and debate on original research, carried out both nationally and internationally, focused on the different fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences, with special emphasis on literature, philosophy, history, arts and cultural and social studies, as well as promoting the dissemination of the results of such research.

Universum admits for its publication articles and bibliographic reviews in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Authors should send their collaborations to: OJS Universum. The necessary information that must be consigned in a separate document is the following: first and last names, higher academic degree, institutional affiliation (city and country), ORCID and email. In the case of works with several authors, all of them must indicate this information. On the other hand, the eventual funding of the manuscript, the corresponding acknowledgments, as well as possible conflicts of interest should be mentioned.

The magazine will not receive articles, due to editing the next issue, during the months of July and December. Neither will articles be received during the month of February because is a legal holiday.

Universum has a strict policy against academic endogamy. In consequence, papers of researchers affiliated to University of Talca will be not be published, except with the exceptional authorization from the Editorial Board to submit a manuscript.

The Editorial Board assumes that all the contributions received are original and that they are not simultaneously in the process of being revised in order to be published by other means. Therefore, any inconvenience that arises if this is not the case will be the exclusive responsibility of the authors. In this sense, any type of plagiarism that occurs in the texts, or of situation contrary to the ethics that has taken place in its preparation process, will not be attributable to Universum or any of the people who make up its team, but exclusively to the authors of the works. It is important to note in this regard that authors must ensure that they have the necessary authorizations for the reproduction and publication of tables, maps, photographs, diagrams, graphs, etc. that are not self-made. Otherwise, the Editorial Board may proceed with its elimination. In the same way, it is understood that, by submitting their collaborations, the authors cede the necessary patrimonial rights so that, if they are accepted for publication, they are reproduced, distributed and disseminated.

The contributions sent by the authors must also adapt to the editorial standards of the journal. Those manuscripts that do not fit with the formal guidelines of the journal will be automatically rejected. The originals received, at first, will be examined by the Editorial Board to verify if they comply to the editorial guidelines and if they correspond to the format of the journal. Only after being accepted in its form and by the Editorial Board will the manuscripts be sent for anonymous review by experts in the subject areas, which will issue reports that will be evaluated for the final decision. The Editorial Board will respond to the authors as soon as possible and may require clarifications or modifications of the originals. In these situations, the authors must send a new version of their text within ten business days from the moment the notification is sent. In the case of not receiving a response from the authors within the indicated period, the Editorial Board may definitively reject the work.

Once the contribution is accepted, it will be published in one of the following issues of the journal, without the Editorial Board being able to commit to publish it in a specific number. However, during the editing process, the authors may be consulted if difficulties arise and it is necessary. In any case, if it is considered pertinent, the text may be corrected in its style. Finally, the publication of the accepted manuscript is subject to the subscription, by the author, of the respective copyright license agreement proposed by the University of Talca.

The judgments expressed in the writings are the exclusive responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the institution that publishes this journal.

The published texts may be reproduced in whole or in part, provided that their origin and authorship is properly cited.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

For details, see: Universum Guidelines

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