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Revista Signos. Estudios de Lingüística was founded in 1967 and, for almost four decades, it received research stu­dies in the fields of language sciences and literature. From 2005 on, this journal has been redefined and now centers exclusively on linguistics and some interdisciplines. Published studies are original manuscripts of theoretical as well as applied scientific research, either in English or Spanish, whose subjects focus on the areas of psycholinguistics, text linguistics, discourse linguistics, and applied linguistics. Also from 2005, Revista Signos. Estudios de Lingüística has increased the number of publications, appearing now three times a year.

Revista Signos. Estudios de Lingüística disseminates specialized knowledge of the areas mentioned above; at the same time, it encourages and furthers academic exchange among researchers on an interna­tional level.

Originality and scientific quality of the research articles are submitted to international blind review by at least two judges, members of the Scientific Editorial Board or members of the international community of specialists.


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