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Basic information

Revista Geológica de Chile publishes previously unpublished original or revised, on geology and related sciences, in Castilian or in English, two issues per year (January and July).

Articles are preferred over geological processes or situations that have a broad and general, of the Geology of South America, Central and Antarctica, particularly in the Andes. Notes are also published book reviews and Geology.

The Journal is interested in publishing numbers or complete sets of thematic articles. These articles will undergo the usual process of editing the Journal.

Revista Geológica de Chile agrees to publish articles on Systematic Palaeontology, only if they stress the importance chronostratigraphic, paleoecological and paleogeographic or out of texas. Only describe the new species or genus, unless it is essential to include additional descriptions. The species known to be committed may be illustrated or discussed.

Revista Geológica de Chile has its electronic version on the, which includes all items from the year 1998 and the summaries and abstracts articles in the press in the direction, under the window of the Journal. The latter is a recent innovation made just earlier this month. There is a CD'Rom with all issues of the journal from 1974 until July 2004, which can be purchased at the sales office or SERNAGEOMIN of the Geological Society of Chile.

Information services
Articles published in Revista Geológica de Chile are indexed or summarized by:
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  • National Service of Geology and Mining - (SERNAGEOMIN).
  • It reminds readers and colleagues that it is still the possibility of reply, discussion and review of published articles. The Committee Editor retains the right to accept or refuse the publication of these contributions.


The magazine is funded by:

  • National Service of Geology and Mining - (SERNAGEOMIN).

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