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Scope and policy

From a psychological point of view, and with the intention to contribute to the dialogue among disciplines, this journal seeks to disseminate original articles resulting from research projects, which address relevant contemporary issues related to the general topics of subjectivity, society, culture, and behavior, which account for the progress in different fields of the discipline such as social, educational, community, forensic, organizational, clinical and health psychology, neuroscience, assessment, psychometry, as well as qualitative and quantitative psychosocial research methodologies.


Regular Section: Articles concerning the various fields of study of Psychology are published. Call for papers is open throughout the year.

Special Section: In every issue of the journal one or more sets of articles about specific fields of psychology are published. Each special section is in charge of a Guest Editor and the call for papers have defined deadlines. To see next call for papers, check the Announcements section of this website:

Book Reviews: In each issue one or more critical reviews of recently published books on subjects relevant to the discipline are published. Contributions are received throughout the year and by invitation.

Time Machine: This journal also publishes articles about the history of psychology. Historical papers are received throughout the year.

Peer review process

Manuscripts are preliminarily evaluated by the Editorial Team in terms of their adequacy to the journal’s editorial guidelines and compliance with the publication standards. Selected contributions enter a double blind arbitration process, with at least two external peer reviewers per article. Peer reviewers are researchers and scholars with a renowned prestige, experts on the topics addressed by the manuscripts, and they are in charge of determining, in an anonymous way and without knowing who the authors are, whether the manuscript: is publishable as it is; could be published, but needs changes; or should not be published, because it does not comply with the required scientific standards. In case of controversy among reviewers, the manuscript is sent to a third reviewer and the Editorial Team decides considering all assessments. The decision is then communicated to the authors along with comments and suggested changes. If a manuscript requires further revisions, the author(s) must account for these changes in the following version, and justify those they choose not to incorporate. The manuscript is then either accepted or rejected for publication, depending on how well it overcomes the weaknesses expressed by the reviewers. To guarantee the author and reviewers confidentiality, assessments are kept under the protection of the Department of Psychology of Universidad de Chile.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Text that specifies the format and the forms of original shipment for the journal, establishes the standards of presentation of the journal and for bibliographic references of the journal, etc.

Sending of manuscripts

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