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Basic information

Estudios Internacionales: revista del Instituto de Estudios Internacionales de la Universidad de Chile is a journal specialized in the field of international relations founded in 1967 and published uninterruptedly three times a year, in the months of April, September and December.

The journal is a multidisciplinary academic publication in the field of international relations, dealing mainly from the political, juridical, economic and historic viewpoints. Its contents cover problems in various regions of the world, and pays particular attention to issues connected with Latin America and combines contributions by well-known authors with those by young professionals who are starting their academic career.

Opinions expressed are the Editor's exclusive responsibility and do not engage the responsibility of any institution. Articles published, which should deal with current issues of academic interest in the field of the social sciences, with special reference to international relations, should be original and unpublished.

Estudios Internacionales has the following sections:

Academic articles

Opinion. Papers not subject to arbitration that contain author’s perspective regarding current issues connected with the journal’s purpose.

Current Issues. Transcription of official declarations, statements or presentations of interest for the academic community.

Book reviews. Critical analysis of recently published books on journal’s fields of study.

Its abbreviated title is “Estud. Int.” (Santiago, en línea), and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.

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