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Scope and policy

The Journal publishes only original and unpublished research. It also publishes historical and legal documentation and book reviews and book reviews.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

COLLABORATIONS: the contributors of the Journal should strictly stick their works to the “redaction norms” and to the list of “acronyms and abbreviations” included in each volume. All the works rendered will be subject to an assessment both from the peers as well as from the Editing Council.

RECENSIONS AND SUMMARIES: the Journal will include a recension or summary of all the book regarding its subject-matter coverage that is to be sent to the Management. Recensions and reviews sent by the authors regarding the thematic coverage will also be included, as long as they do not exceed 8 pages in length.

ASSESSMENT OF THE WORKS: every article the Secretary’s office of the Journal receives for publication will undergo the initial judgement of the Editor in order to verify whether the topic of the article corresponds to the scientific disciplines the Journal publishes and also to give a first opinion on whether is an original research and regarding its quality. This review is also aimed at verifying that the article has been presented with adjustment to the “Writing Guidelines” of the Journal, which are outlined below.

The Journal’s Editor is empowered to reject, without further explanations, any article which does not fit in the scientific area matter of publication of the journal, or if the content of the article is evidently and undoubtedly inferior.

If, in principle, the Journal´s Director considers that the work is acceptable, he will inform the Editing Council about this and the Council will carry out a new deep examination of the work. In case the Council accepts the work, they will send it to two experts, who may be members of the Consejo Científico Internacional or outside experts, according to the needs and availabilities, so that they analyse it.

With the aforementioned reports, the Editing Council will finally decide whether the proposed article is published or rejected. We will ask the author to include minor modifications whenever a report suggests so. Regarding the notification to the author, no more than a month should elapse between the reception of the work and the notification of the final decision.

Sending of manuscripts

Once the publication has been approved, the article will be included in the editing process, comprising the following stages:

  1. Adjustment of the article form to the “Journal´s Redaction Norms” under the Editor´s surveillance.
  2. The technical composition of the article in the publishing house.
  3. Once the volume is published, its articles will be included in the “Indice de la Revista de Estudios Histórico-Jurídicos”, which comprises, in an accumulative manner, all the works that had already been published in all the former numbers. It is also updated.

Academic or non-commercial correspondence, to send works, recensions or summaries, books, exchange and other similar situations, to the following address of the Editing Counsil:

OFFPRINTS: the Journal will provide electronic reprints of your articles to each contributor.

ELECTRONIC EDITION: The Journal is also electronically edited, full text, and said edition is in the following site: (when activating the “Alphabetic list” expression).

INDEX OF THE JOURNAL: The following site has the accumulative and updated index of authors and articles, including this one, of the numbers of the Journal: [Publicaciones/ Índice de la Revista de Estudios Histórico-Jurídicos].

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