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Basic information

OBJECTIVE: The aim of Revista de Estudios Histórico-Jurídicos (abbreviation REHJ, for Historical-Legal Studies Journal) is to spread original and unpublished articles regarding dogmatic, legislative and institutional history in the fields of Roman Law and Legal History, especially in the European and Ibero-American Romanistic tradition; and of History of Western legal and political thought, even if these are lectures given at scientific congresses. It also accepts revisions regarding the status of an issue and broad bibliographic revisions, as long as they are of a critical nature and provide bibliographical apparatus.

The Journal does not publish works of a predominantly historical, philosophical, theoretical, political, sociological, anthropological, scientific or technical content; neither publishes works of a mere outreach nature oder practical-political nature, whether they consist in non-reprocessed lectures or conferences as articles, nor if they offer the assay form (“reflections”, “remarks”, “considerations”, “note-taking”, “notes” etc.).

The Revista does not provide his pages for controversy that exceed one article for each debater.

The Revista does not publish student work.

The Revista has prepared a section of book reviews and publishes news relating to academic activities.

GENERAL COVERAGE ON THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: Ancient legal codes, except Roman law, Roman law, History of (public and private) Law, History of canon law, History of European law, Indian Law (History of the legal system applied in the Americas during the Spanish colonisation), History of the Ibero-American national laws, History of Chilean law, History of the legal dogmas, History of the legal thought, History of the political thought, History of institutions.

ADDRESSEES: The Journal is especially addressed to professors and researchers, both professionals or students, of historical-legal Sciences.

PERIODICITY: The Journal is published annually and is available from 30 August each year.

All work must be received by de Journal before 30 April each year; those received later wil be allocated to the volume next year.

MANAGERS: The Journal is under the scientific care of the Law School of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile. Ediciones Universitarias de Valparaíso S.A. is in charge of its production, graphical design and commercial management.

CITATION: The abbreviation for the journal title is: REHJ. That must be used in bibliographies, footnotes, legends and references.

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