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General information

Revista Chilena de Literatura, founded in 1970, it is sponsored by the Vice-chancellor’s Office of the Universidad de Chile and is affiliated with the Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades. This journal appears regularly, in May and November each year. It welcomes writings in Spanish, previously unpublished. Revista Chilena de Literatura addresses a whole range of topics: it includes studies of writers, literary works and similar issues from the present and the past, from Chile as well as from foreign countries. The journal is organized into four sections:

1) Articles: scientific studies about literature that promote the development of knowledge of the specific topic discussed.

2) Notes: usually briefer than articles and without the usual scientific organization present in scientific studies, but internally consistent and appropriately founded.

3) Documents: texts about authors and their works, such as interviews, new translations and unpublished writings that may facilitate or stimulate a better understanding of these authors’ works.

4) Reviews: bibliographic texts about recently published works. The reviews deal with literary works and books or journals specialized in topics related to literature.

5) Dossier: it gathers between four and ten studies under a common theme. Each dossier is coordinated by an academic specialist in the subject. The contributions to the dossier, like the rest of the studies published by our journal, are submitted to the process of double-blind peer review.

Revista Chilena de Literatura has biannual frecuency.

The abbreviation of the journal is Rev. chil. lit., and it must be used in bibliographies, notes, legends and bibliographic references.


The articles published in Revista Chilena de Literatura are indexed or abstracted in:

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Copyright (rights and permission)

Revista Chilena de Literatura is edited by the Department of Literature of the Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades at Universidad de Chile, published under the license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. The submission and evaluation of the received manuscripts supposes that the authors declare to be the original and exclusive owners of their moral and patrimonial rights on the article, in accordance with the provisions of Law 17.336 on Intellectual Property (Chile). At the same time, if they have used other people’s works in the creation of the article, either totally or partially, they declare to have the respective authorizations or licenses of use of their respective holders or that their use is expressly protected by law. The author expressly releases any further responsibility to the Department of Literature of Universidad de Chile, for any legal, regulatory or contractual infringement that may be committed or committed in relation to the work, being obliged to repair any damage that may result from the infringement for these or other rights. The author authorizes the Department of Literature of Universidad de Chile so that, by itself or through third parties expressly authorized by it, exercise the rights specified below, regarding the submitted article: publication, edition, reproduction, adaptation, distribution and sale of the copies reproduced, including making the article available to the online readers by electronic or digital means, in Spanish, in all known territory, whether or not it is Spanish-speaking, and for all types of printed edition in paper and electronic or digital, through its inclusion in the journal Estudios Internacionales or other publication edited by the Institute. This authorization is granted on a non-exclusive, free, indefinitely perpetual and non-revocable basis, as long as the corresponding rights subsist, and releases the Department of Literature of Universidad de Chile from any payment or remuneration for the exercise of the aforementioned rights. The authors retain their copyright on their works, being able to reuse them as they decide.


The articles published in Revista Chilena de Literatura may be reproduced by their authors, provided that their original source of publication is indicated.


The publication of this Revista Chilena de Literatura is financed by:

  • Universidad de Chile, Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades.
  • Publication Fund of Scientific Journals, National Commission of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT).

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