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Scope and policy

Revista de Análisis Económico--Economic Analysis Review (RAE-EAR) is an international, bilingual journal published by the Department of Economics, School of Economics and Business at Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Published twice a year, in April and October, the journal aims to encourage theoretical and empirical analysis of general interest economic issues.

Peer Review and Editorial Handling

All manuscripts submitted to RAE-EAR go through the following editorial process. First, they are assigned to an editor who may reject the paper without calling on outside referees. Second, those articles that are not rejected by an editor are sent to one or more referees. Manuscripts are reviewed in a single-blind fashion.

Instructions for submitting Articles

Authors must submit their manuscripts, in word or pdf format, electronically at Any submitted article should not be under consideration for publication at another journal. Submission implies that the manuscript constitutes unpublished original work.

RAE-EAR publishes articles both in English and Spanish. They should include, in both languages, a title page, an abstract of no more than one-hundred (100) words, keywords and the corresponding JEL codes. Manuscripts should also include a title page with each author's name, affiliation and contact information.

Accepted articles must conform to the style guide provided at:

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