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Scope and Editorial policy

Parasitología Latinoamericana only accepts original an unpublished contributions in its sections: Original Articles, Reviews, Special or Current review Articles, Clinical Experiences, Brief Communications, News, Chronicles, etc. covering subjects within the scope of the journal.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

The manuscript should be prepared in WORD, in letter-size pages, numbered consecutively, double space, using font size 12, letter size paper (21x27 cm) and margins with not less than 3 cm at both sides. Two typed copies and a CD version of the manuscript should be submitted by mail to the Editor Committee*.

Manuscripts should include: Title, Abstract, English Title (if it applies), Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Discussion, Summary and References. Eventually, results and discussion may be presented together and depending of the type of article some sections may be omitted. The manuscript format should be adapted to the style shown by recent publications in Parasitología Latinoamericana, that can be accessed at the website

Tables, Figures, Graphics, Legends and References should be added in a separate page. Figures or graphics should be done in black on a good quality drawing paper with letters and numbers in adequate size for an eventual size reduction without affecting its comprehension. Photographs should be of high quality, with proper contrast, and conveniently numbered.

References should be indicated in the text in a correlative order following the same order at the end of the text and cited according the official guidelines of Index Medicus Latinoamericano for author trancriptions, paper or book title, and journal or book cited source. Refer to previous published Parasitología Latinoamericana journals. In any case its accuracy is exclusively the author’s responsability.

The reviewers can make some form corrections when they are necessary. Reprints should be asked when the paper is submitted and its cost will be charged to the authors.

Sending of manuscripts

Manuscripts should be sent to:

  • Comité Editor
    Parasitología Latinoamericana
    Casilla 9183, Santiago 1, Chile
    Fax: (56-2) 5416840

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