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Scope and policy

The journal publishes articles in Spanish and English. The contributions for their publication should be unpublished and the journal is reserved all the rights of reproduction of the content of the same ones. All the articles are subjected to evaluation to the Publishing Committee or external consultants. Previous acceptance of the Publishing Committee, summaries of thesis of Magíster and Doctorate are also published, technical opinions, revision of books and reports of congresses, related with the Science and the Technology of the Wood.

Maderas-Cienc Tecnol journal are reserved all rights to reproduction of the contents. The content of the articles published in each issue of the Maderas-Cienc. Tecnol journal is the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the thought or compromise the opinion of the Universidad del Bío-Bío. The authors will retain their copyright and guarantee the journal the right to first publish their work, which will be simultaneously subject to the CC BY Creative Commons Attribution License.

Maderas-Cienc Tecnol journal publishes in open access the following versions of its articles Ahead of print accepted authors and Post-Print.

The journal also has a free access policy (Open Access), which implies that its contents are available at no cost to the user; who are enabled to read, download, copy, distribute, print and generate links with the articles in this journal without authorization from the editor or author. These terms conform to what is established by the DOAJ in relation to Open Access.

Starting from the 2005 the journal Maderas-Cienc Tecnol is part of SciELO-Chile, where will be able to find the electronic version of its articles.

The publication of journal is continuously.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

No paper should be submitted to any other journal for prior or simultaneous publication. All articles will be refereed by at least two reviewers under double blind system.

Articles may be written in Spanish or English and should include: title page, abstract, keywords, text , references, tables, and legends to figures. The English version of the title must be included if the paper is written in Spanish. At the footer indicates full authors affiliations, ORCID number and address of the Laboratory where the research was carried out, in addition to specifying the electronic address of corresponding author.

Title. It should include (on separate lines): title of contribution; authors; names; affiliations; addresses.

Abstract. It should follow the title and should be a factual summary of the paper drawing the attention to any new information. It should stand on its own, giving a true indication of the entire content of the paper stating the purpose of the contribution, its methods, the findings and the main conclusions.

Text . It should be divided into: Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results & Discussion and Conclusions.

Introduction. It should define the problem and the framework of the existing knowledge.

Materials and Methods. It must be a precise description of the use procedure to encourage others scientists to repeat the same work.

Results and Discussion. This section must include only the aspects relevant to the subject, these should not be duplicated in charts and figures. It should interpret the results according to the problem outlined in the introduction and related observations from the authors or other scientists. Implications for further studies or applications may be discussed.

Conclusions. They should be shown if results and discussion of the subject problems were answered.

References. Should be cited in the text by giving the author’s surname and year of the publications. References should be listed at the end of the text in author’s names alphabetical order.

For example:

Journal article (journal name in cursive)
Shi, J.; Avramidis, S. 2019. Evolution of wood cell wall nanopore size distribution in the hygroscopic range. Holzforschung 73(10): 899-910. DOI:

Book (title in cursive)
Csanády, E.; Kovács, Z.; Magoss, E.; Ratnasingam, J. 2019. Optimum design and manufacture of wood products. Springer International Publishing. DOI:

Herrera-Díaz, R. 2018. Industrial wood modification by heat treatments. Ph.D. Thesis, University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU. San Sebastian, Spain.

The international system units (SI) must be used. Symbols should be normally typewritten, in italics. Their meaning should be clearly identified or explained. All equations

should be numbered consecutively using numbers in parentheses on the right-hand margin.

Figures, tables, drawings, photographs, illustrations should be used with discretion and included in the text. Their position within the text it must be clearly indicated. Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced in Times New Roman size 12. The original should be limited to 20 pages.

Sending of manuscripts

Contributions to this journal including letters, typescript or information on events should be sent in electronic file MS Word o compatible and submitted to the Editor by email to: ananias@ Or electronic submission through the website

Similarities in each manuscript with Ithenticate software will be examined, and originals under 24% similarities will be accepted for evaluation, excluding citations and bibliographic references. After manuscript evaluation, the revisions due are from 6-weeks (Minor revision) to 12-weeks (Major revision).

The papers accepted will be published firstly online in version ahead-of-print (AoP: Accepted authors version). The final version of each accepted paper will be published online continuously. The printed version of the publishing, will be compiled every three months.

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