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Form and preparation of manuscripts

Standards and presentation of articles

Guidelines for the presentation of original articles

1. The publication of any written material is subject to the approval o f the editorial board (committee), based on the guidelines for publication listed below:

2. Works must be provided in digital format (CD) in any version of Word (97 upwards).

3. Articles must be written in letter-sized page, with 1.5 spacing, and Times New Roman  font size 12, margins of 3 cms. all sides and numbered pages.

4. The article extension must be a minimum of 8 letter- sized pages and no more than 20 pages, including: graphs, tables, charts, illustrations and additional sections decided by the author, considering the following standards:

  • Heading (font size 16) (sub-heading font size 14).
  • Author’s name line-up to the right, pointing out: full name, nationality, academic degree, institution to which the author is ascribed and his/her contact details (e-mail, telephone, and/or fax).
  • Abstract and keywords in Spanish.
  • Abstract and keywords in English.
  • Argumentative development.
  • Conclusion(s).
  • Bibliography according to APA/MLA referencing style.
  • Quotations and footnotes (progressively-numbered). Quotations in the text must be signaled in parenthesis, consistent with APA/MLA.

5. Articles or monographs may be written either in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

6. If submitted works correspond to lectures or conferences, their source has to be mentioned, as well as the event and its date. Modifications made for the journal must also be mentioned.

7. The adherence to these standards is fundamental, since these make it easy the editing work and meet the Scielo indexation standards.

Guidelines for the presentation of reviews

1. The article will be headed with the work complete data, expressed in APA/MLA format, including page numbers and ISBN.

2. The whole text must be evaluative and it will describe the position taken by the author concerning the subject reviewed.

3. The subject and the central problem will be shown at the beginning of the introduction.

4. The target reading audience and potential readers must be specified.

5. The structure of the work (chapters and sections) will be introduced with an overall synthesis of the subject.

6. The existence of glossaries, appendixes as well as bibliographies reviewed will be mentioned.

7. The book reviewed will be related to other works on the same subject.

8. The book will be contextualized according to the time and place in which it appears.

9. Original contributions and potential interested readers will be identified. The author’s personal data (full name, e-mail, telephone /fax, postal address) and institution to which s/he is ascribed will be stated; regardless s/he is a student, professor or researcher.

Requirements for the reception of work

1. Submitting a work to ‘LyL’ entails that it has not been, nor is it in the process of being published by any other academic journal. The editorial board will acknowledge the fact that of receiving the text (either by means of e-mail or conventional post) and will inform the authors about the decision made regarding them within 180 days as of submission date.

2. The validation of the contribution that is sent for publication will be carried out via the “blind judge” approach. Done by two independent assessors, and it will be checked by one of the members of the editorial board. The journal administration protects the confidentiality of the evaluators’ names.

3. Those authors whose contributions are to be published will receive two copys of the journal issue in which their work is exhibited.

4. Contributions must be submitted to either the e-mail of the journal:

Sending of manuscripts

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