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Scope and policy

Coverage includes the following areas of technology management and how they impact upon the areas of marketing, human resources, accounting and finance and the supply chain:

  • Government innovation policy, and regulation for innovation.
  • Process and product innovation and diffusion.
  • Technology strategy, collaboration and competition.
  • Managing and commercializing intellectual property.
  • Technology transfer, and innovation support organizations.
  • Research in management and commercialization.
  • Cross-cultural management and innovation.
  • Team building and team management.
  • Managing creativity and creative teams.
  • Managing virtual teams and environments for innovation.
  • Managing organizational learning, knowledge and technological change.

All manuscripts submitted to Journal of Technology Management & Innovation are subjected to peer-review. The editors also can participate as qualified editors. Upon submission, the manuscript to be reviewed is distributed to 2 qualified reviewers. Reviewers have 2 weeks to review the submission and to recommend to the Editor the acceptance, acceptance with modification, or rejection of the article. If the manuscript is accepted with revision, the Editor returns the manuscript to the corresponding author. Authors should then make any suggested changes in the article and return it to the Editor by email. Finally the editors send back the article reviewed and corrected to the Editor-in-Chief, and also delivers the articles to the different editors. The Editor-in-Chief coordinates the editorial procedure and distributes the articles submitted to the journal.

Criteria for the article selection includes: that the article need to be novel, relevant, concise, practical, informative and useful to readers of the respective sections of the Journal: Articles, Review, Trends & Current Opinion, News & Announcements

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Manuscripts are accepted in English or Español.

Important: The manuscripts in spanish must include additionally title, summary and keywords in english.

Each article should be accompanied by a title page that includes: all authors' names, institutional affiliations, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, abstract in English, keywords and brief biographical notes about authors.

The original typescript should be submitted electronically in leter size format, with a word count of 5000-7000 (excluding figures), with double-spaced typing preferred and a wide margin on the left, following the submission requirements described on the Journal's website. A final paper which would exceed 7000 words or occupy more than 20 pages of the Journal may be returned for abridgement. For more information, visit Author Guidelines:

Sending of manuscripts

Registration and login are required: ( to submit items online and to check the status of current submissions. Submissions should be submitted via our website:

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