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Basic Information

Ius et Praxis is a legal journal which  prints original and previously unpublished works on diverse disciplinary areas of law and jurisprudence. Disciplines are generally classified as follows: Civil Law, Commercial Law, Tax Law, Political Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Environmental - Mining and Water Law, International Law, Labour and Social Security Law, Criminal Law and Criminology, Procedural Law and Jurisprudence. 

Its editions are of a miscellaneous nature, although monographic editions may be published when deemed proper.

It is a bi-annual academic publication issued by the Faculty of Judicial and Social Sciences of the University of Talca since 1992.

The Journal is made up of four sections: (I) Research articles, (II) Essays, (III) Case Notes and (IV) Book reviews.

It is a peer-reviewed journal which uses the double blind review system.

Journal maintains an open access policy to all of its contents through the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Views or opinions expressed by individual authors in their articles do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Journal’s publishers.

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