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Scope and policy

Información Tecnológica ( accepts manuscripts in all areas related to science, engineering and technology. All manuscripts submitted for publication and peer reviewed by active researches, those that are currently publishing in the international literature. Usually the referees are from countries different from that of the authors. The CIT gives the referees the main guidelines so all evaluators considered similar aspects in their evaluation and comments. When the evaluation is requested the CIT asks the referees to treat the manuscripts with the same rigor as they would do it for any international main stream journal. The name of the referees is not given to the authors although the referees know the name of the authors.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

The manuscript must be written in one column, size A4 (29.7 by 21 cm), leaving 2 cm. margins in all sides. The characters must be Arial 10 in all the manuscript. Use arial 9 only for names of authors, affiliations, legends of tables and figures, and list of references. More details are given in the journal Web page:

The journal accepts manuscripts only in Spanish. The title, the keywords and the abstract must be also provided in English.

The editor keeps the right of making changes for better presentation of the paper and adjustment to the required format.

Sending of manuscripts

The complete manuscripts, including tables and figures in a single file must be sent by electronic mail to in two formats: WORD and PDF. The WORD file must be totally accessible so the Editor can edit the file (text, equations, figures, tables and photographs) and make changes if it is required. Separate figures, tables, photographs or any other material are not accepted. The CIT keeps the right of not answering when the manuscripts do not follow the instructions to authors, that are given in

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