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Scope and policy

People and Technology Management (Gestión de las Personas y Tecnología) is an electronic journal created for the publication of original articles, as essays or research papers – related to people and technology management - mainly written in Latin America and the Hispanic world.

As its name implies, the journal is mainly divided in two sections: People and Technology; each of them is further divided into the following subsections: Essays and Research Papers. It is published in the months of April, August and December of each year on the first working day, articles will be published free of charge to the authors, providing open access to the community of readers. Every issue will contain a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of six (6) articles, reaching a total of at least 18 published articles every year.

The journal may be accessed on line at and

Form and preparation of manuscripts

  • The title should be written both in Spanish and English
  • Articles written in English will be exceptionally accepted for publication, up to one article in each issue.
  • The length of the article (essay or research paper) should be 20 to 25 pages, letter size (including graphs, tables and references).
  • Each page should have a margin of 5 centimeters on all sides (left, right, top and bottom). Font: Arial, size: 12 points, 1.5 line spacing.
  • The article can contain colored supporting elements as graphs, tables, charts or diagrams.
  • The manuscript should be electronically uploaded with no information about the author(s). Information about authors must be written in a separate page, including first name and last name, academic degrees, ORCID, research experience in the field of study concerned, affiliation or place of work (name of the institution and/or company), telephone number and/or e-mail address, city and country.
  • Manuscripts written by up to four authors will be accepted.
  • Manuscripts should be original works not previously published or being simultaneously considered for publication elsewhere, although the research may have been previously presented at a conference, seminar or symposium.
  • Authors should also submit an originality letter in order to certify that it is an original manuscript and that it has not been previously published or considered for publication in a similar journalin the field of study. Format requirements will be provided via email upon reception of the manuscript.

“Research Paper” Outline

The research paper should be preceded by an abstract in Spanish and English of half a page in length (using margins, font, size and line spacing required above).

  • The abstract must be followed by 3 to 4 keywords in English and Spanish.
  • The research paper should contain an introduction, the main body (divided in the following sections: 1. Theoretical framework or empirical data supporting the discussion, 2. Research Methodology and 3. Results and Discussion), conclusions and references (see below).

“Essay” Outline:

The essay should be preceded by an abstract in Spanish and English of half a page in length (using margins, font, size and line spacing required above).

  • The abstract must be followed by 3 to 4 keywords in English and Spanish.
  • The essay should contain an introduction, the main body supporting the argument, conclusions and references (see below).

Both text types can optionally include supporting elements such as tables, charts and graphs and clarifying notes.

References and notes should be written at the end of the manuscript sequentially numbered by appearance in the text, according to the rules of the "APA" system, 7th edition (Available at: or

The Editorial Committee may, at its own discretion, re-arrange contents so as to meet quality requirements of accepted manuscripts.

Sending of manuscripts

For submitting manuscripts, authors should log in or register in the following web site: fill in the information required and submit the manuscript in Word or similar format, so that the edition and publication process can be started.

For more information contact the following emails: or

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