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Formación Universitaria is an electronic international peer-reviewed journal, edited and published by the Centro de Información Tecnológica of La Serena, Chile. The journal accepts original articles in all areas related to the academic work in Universities and in particular those concerning engineering, sciences, and university education. It is required that the articles are product of scientific research work or correspond to documented analysis, and that have relevant impact in the development and improvement of university formation in Ibero America. The journal is published every two months, since January 2008. The abbreviated title of the journal is Form. Univ., which must be used in citations and bibliographic references.

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The articles published in Formación Universitaria are indexed or summarized by:


  • Centro de Información Tecnológica - CIT
  • Formación Universitaria is an open access journal with free entrance to the full texts of all articles. Total or partial reproduction of articles with commercial interests, without the authorization of the Centro de Información Tecnológica is prohibited.


  • The publication of Formación Universitaria is financed by the Centro de Información Tecnológica (CIT)

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