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Scope and policy

All colaboration will be check for the editorial committee. In the case of articles and monograph, they will be subject to a judgment sistem of anonymity double with the participation of public law especialists, nationals or foreign, they are appointed by the editorial committe of the journal. To get easy the anonymity process of revision of the article or monographs requires that the authors establish in a first page of text accompained, separate of the rest of the work the author’s full name, academic grade, institutional affiliation, e-mail and post address and all the information that might reveal the identity of the author. The magazine reserves the (law or right) to accept or not the items received articles.

Once reviewed the articles by the academic members and, remedied by the author comment made in the revision process, it will proceed to its publish as soon as possible.

In the case of jurisprudence of courts common commentaries, chilean or foreign, it must refer to enforceable judgment and it containt the exactly reference of the court, report, date of resolution Constitutional Studies, year 6, Nº2, 2008, pp 567 – 570, ISSN0718 – 0195 Center for Constitutional Studies Chile, Talca’s University. Norms for the authors of articles, that comment and place of its publication, if doesn’t include the text of the decision in the editing. In case of Constitutional Court judgments the events will contain the name of the corresponding organ, the role number, the date of issue and the datebase that contains.

According to judgments made by internationals courts (Interamerican Court of Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights, etc.) it will identify the judgment organ, the name of both parts, day of the decision (day, month and year) and the serie and number.

In the case of documents these should be identified by the author or authors, date of issue, city and country, as well as the document type in question, which is partially or totally reproduced in the magazine.

In the case recession of books or monographs require identify the text with its title, author, publishing house, city, country, year of publication and number of publication, where applicable.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

The print and electronic text must have its page numbered and be fully legible. It include a short biography of each author (to think over: academnic grades, occupations and current positions, mayor publications and e-mail).

It must be to place before to the article, its title, a summary and the key words, all in spanish and english. The summary of the work will take no less than 100 nor, ore than 150 words.

The titles and subtitles of the article should be clear and concise properly related content, and emphasis of any kind.

Sending of manuscripts

The works wishing to be published should be uploaded via OJS in our website; or word format sent by e-mail to

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