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Scope and policy

Is an Economic journal that includes both theoretical and empirical contributions in English and Spanish in all economic topics. However, devoting particular attention to empirical research of special interest for the Chilean economy and other underdeveloped countries.

All papers must go through refereeing process by two anonymous referees.

As part of our editorial policy, an answer regarding the status of a paper will not exceed two months from its reception. If that were not the case, the authors are free to send their paper for consideration for publication elsewhere.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Papers should be written in English or Spanish. The articles approved will be published in the original language. All submitted manuscripts should be typed on one side, with wide margins and double spaced.

  • The first page must include the following information: paper title, name, address and affiliation of the author(s) and a summary of no more than 100 words. Include the JEL classification and up to five keywords that describe your paper for indexing purposes.
  • Footnotes should be the fewest possible in quantity and extension. They must be numbered in serial order. Please avoid formulas in footnotes.
  • Equations should be numbered in consecutive order. When the derivation of a formula has been condensed, an additional page should be included with a full derivation.
  • Tables and graphs must be included in a different page. They should be numbered and should include all the information needed for interpretation as well as the data sources.
  • References should be quoted in the text as follows: Hirshleifer (1958). Where three or more authors are listed in the reference list, please cite in the text as: Judge et al. (1985). The author is responsible for the existence of a perfect correspondence between names and year of the reference and what appear in the section of references.
  • References should listed at the end of the paper alphabetically in the following style:

    Hirshleifer, J. (1958). "On the Theory of Optimal Investment Decisions", Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 56; 279-394.

Judge G., W. Griffiths, R.Carter, H. Lutkepohl, and T. Lee. (1985). The Theory and Practice of Econometrics. 2nd edition. John Wiley.

Sending of manuscripts

  • Initial manuscript submission
    Submission of papers as electronic manuscripts must be sent: here

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