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Scope and policy

The Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society (JCCS) publishes full articles and communications, in all fields of chemistry, containing experimental, theoretical and applied research results of outstanding significance and that have not been previously published and are not under consideration elsewhere. Articles and any other material published in JCCS represent the opinions of the author(s) and should not be construed to reflect the opinions of the editor(s).

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Submission of Manuscripts. The manuscripts must be written in English,double line spaced and should be submitted in the original, including first quality figures. Authors are requested to transmit the text and figures in electronic form (diskette, e-mail) each time a new version is submitted. Submission as an e-mail attachment is acceptable provided that all files are safe (viruses and worms free) and included in just one archive (2 MB as maximun). Hard-copy printouts of the manuscript and figures must exactly match the electronic file.

The manuscript should be accompanied by a letter indicating if the work is to be considered as a full paper or a short communication. Authors are encouraged to suggest at least three names of potential referees when paper is first submitted. All correspondence between editor and author will be carried out by e-amil. Authors are forced to sign and return a transfer of copyright by normal mail. The copyright transfer form can be found in our web site: Common headings like Abstract, Introduction, Experimental, Results and Discussion, Conclussions, References and Acknowledgements (if any) are strongly recommended. Tables and figures must be placed at the end of the text. Captions to figures are not to be part of them. The title page (p. 1) should contain the article title, authors' names , institution where the research was carried out, full address for manuscript correspondence (including e-mail and fax number). The corresponding author should be indicated with an asterik. Microsoft Word (97 or later) processors are acceptable only.

Graphical Abstract. Autors are requested to supply a graphical abstract when the paper is first submitted. This abstract should contain: title of the paper, authors'names, address, a very brief summary of the main results of the work and a figure. The entire graphical abstract can not exceed an area of 14 x 6 cm. This abstract must be designed to capture the attention of a wide readership and to be compiled for fast scanning of the journal.

Sending of manuscripts

Printouts must be sent to:

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