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Basic information

BOSQUE is published by the Faculty of Forest Sciences at the Universidad Austral de Chile. Founded in 1975 and yearly issued. From 1985 until 2003, it was issued twice a year; and since 2003, it has been regularly issued thrice a year.

BOSQUE publishes original works in the field of management and production of forestry resources, wood science and technology, silviculture, forestry ecology, natural resources conservation, and rural development associated with forest ecosystems. Contributions may be articles, notes or opinions, Either in Spanish or English.

Its title abbreviation is Bosque, and must be used in bibliographies, foot notes, inscriptions and bibliographic references.

Indexed in

Articles Published by Bosque are indexed or summarized by:

  • Bibliografía Latinoamericana
  • Cabi Publishing
  • Forestry Abstracts
  • Forest Products Abstracts
  • Journal Citation Report (JCR)
  • Plant Growth Regulator Abstracts
  • Redalyc
  • Review of Agricultural Entomology
  • Scientific Electronic Library Online - SciELO Chile
  • Seed Abstacts
  • Web of Science (WoS, ISI)


  • Universidad Austral de Chile


The journal publication is financed by:

  • Austral University from Chile (Development and Investigation Center and the Faculty of Forestry Sciences and Natural Resources).

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