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Scope and policy

ARQ is a Chilean non-profit university magazine with an internet version. It is oriented towards professionals and academics and is dedicated to the thought and dissemination of a selection of Chilean and Southamerican architecture and its associated disciplines.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

If you desire to publish in ARQ, send us your material which will then be evaluated by a commitee. The articles sent must be orginiales and unedited, unless the committee authorizes the contrary. Ediciones ARQ reserves the right to edit texts superceding the number of words indicated in each section.

The rights over the texts and included images are the exclusive responsibility of the signed authors. Simillarly, the signed articles are responibility of their authores and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the publisher.

ARQ authorizes those magazines signed with the Encuentros de Revistas Latinoamericanas agreement, to reproduce whole or in part the articles, with the mention of the source clearly signaled. Others interested may reproduce the contents with previous authorization from the magazine.

Original Articles

Articles sent to the editorial must be originals and not previously published in other magazines and/or books unless the editorial board expressely authorizes the contrary.


I. Lectures

Text: Maximum length 1.500 words.

Images: When applicable, only 35 mm slides, photographic plates or digital images of 300 dpi and 25 cm in width.

II. Works and projects

Drawings: Digital files in DWG format, attaching also the file’s ctb to verify line weights. The elimination of topography lines, notes and drawing details is recommended considering the magazine’s format and publication’s final size. We also recommend attaching plans in letter or 11x17 format including a graphic scale and north arrow.

Summary: A brief sythesis of the work, maximum 800 words.

Acknowledgements: To complete the credits according to references previously published in ARQ, we suggest you check the detailed instructions on our website.

Project photographs: Minimum 5. Only 35 mm slides, photographic plates or digital images of 300 dpi and 25 cm in width.

General comments of the sections:

Notes on the text: This included references to authors related to the material a basic references to the text.

Bibliography: A bibliography is recommended in each article with the following information: Author, Title of the book or article, name of the magazine or periodical when it corresponds, publisher, city and year of the edition. Titles of books and magazines should be in italics. The titles of articles should go between quotations, and the name of the publication in which they are published should be in italics.

Resume: Authors of articles, texts and architects, maximum 50 words, including professional titles, university and year of graduation, post graduate degrees with institutions and dates, as well as any other relevant institutional affiliation.

Images: Each non-original image, image files, plans, etc, must be sent with its explicit and complete sources as well as an indication of authorship of the original images.

Sending of manuscripts

We appreciate your participation and await your inquiries:

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    Fono: 2686 5630 / 2686 5633
    Fax: 2686 5634

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