The "BOLETIN DE LA SOCIEDAD CHILENA DE QUIMICA" (BSCHQ) has been the main publication of our Chemical Society for many years. Its history takes us back to the early 80's when the journal began to be periodically published allowing us years later to see it in the Current Contents, Chemical Abstracts and finally being recognized as an ISI publication. Many of he goals we had for more than two decades have already been achieved and accordingly we can feel proud that the BSCHQ is, at present, the leading scientific publication in Latin América.

However, communications have changed so dramatically our world that BSCHQ needs to be adapted to meet the international scientific community standards. I think is being time to introduce drastic changes leading to better position our journal in scientific world. These changes should imply to improve its printing format, adopt English as the only language for publication, to include a table of contents with graphic abstract and finally change the name of the BSCHQ. In fact, its name sounds rather old and does not relate well with the standards of the scientific papers being currently published. I sincerely believe that the suggested modifications will lead to a substantial increase, not only in the number of submitted papers but also in the ISI impact factors. This acting editor is aware that these new goals will require implementing faster mechanisms for editing and publishing. We must think in terms of an "on line" way to submit papers, receive the referee's comments and get the final version; all in a reasonable period of time. We realize that in a task like this, all the society members are to contribute to make it possible.

J. Guillermo Contreras Koder, Ph. D.
Acting Editor