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Cubo (Temuco)

versión On-line ISSN 0719-0646

Cubo vol.12 no.3 Temuco  2010 

CUBO A Mathematical Journal Vol.12, N° 03, (13–32). October 2010


A Family of Stationary Solutions to the Euler Equations and Generalized Solutions



Departamento de Matemática, Universidade Estadual Paulista, 15054-000, S.J.R. Preto, SP, Brazil email:


In this work, we present a interesting family of stationary solutions for the Euler equations, which behaves in the same way that the approximated solutions presented in [6].

Key words and phrases: Euler equations, incompressible flows, generalized solutions.


En este trabajo, presentamos una familia interesante de soluciones estacionarias para las ecuaciones de Euler, que se comportan de la misma manera que las soluciones aproximadas presentadas en [6].

Math. Subj. Class.: 35D99.


The author would like to thank Lucas C. F. Ferreira, Helena J. Nussenzveig Lopes and Milton C. Lopes Filho for their useful comments and Weber F. Pereira for many fruitful discussions. The author gratefully acknowledge FAPESP Thematic Project #2007/51490-7.


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