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Scope and policy

The magazine Universum publishes articles, reports and bibliographic reviews in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, focussing on the problems within Latin America. Through this, it attempts to stimulate discussion and communication about social sciences and humanities, as much within the university as within the region, the country and abroad. Universum’s Editorial Committee will be receiving original articles sent by academics from the University of Talca and other institutions, both public and private, interested in the development of humanities and social sciences. The articles are submitted to an evaluation of two specialists. This examination by the academic colleagues is anonymous. The Committee will corroborate within a period of six months to make the decision, allowing them time to seek clarifications or make modifications of the original article. Once the article is approved, it is published in the shortest period of time possible.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

The magazine is composed of three sections: articles, reports and bibliographical information. The articles must be originals, referring to a study or research, which is complete, or whose advanced state allows the results to be seen. They must be, when possible, no longer than twenty pages, on size A4 paper, using double spacing, including graphs, figures, photographs etc. The reports should be ten pages long, on A4 sized paper and can include advanced research, commentaries, news about academic events or any topic of public interest. The bibliographical information should be no longer than five pages of A4 sized paper in length, in which the collaborators have the opportunity to comment on publications or books included in the previous magazine.

The bibliographical quotes and commentaries of text must be included at the end of the article, in a system using correlative numbering or a bibliographic index in alphabetical order. The bibliographical index and the research must be written in the following form: surname and the initial of the first name of the authors in lower case form, the title of the book in upper case form, the editor, place of publication, year of publication and page number, in this order. If a newspaper article is used, the name of the article must be placed within inverted commas, the name of the magazine or newspaper in cursive and the volume, number and pages.

Sending of manuscripts

All the collaborations must be sent in duplicate. The writers can send their articles on a 3 ½ CD disc, or by e-mail: in the Word (WINDOW) program. Also, they must include the name of the institute and office that leant their services, their academic level, postal address and e-mail address. Each article must be accompanied by a summary in Castilian and English and with key words in both languages. The originals will not be returned.

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