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Basic information

The magazine “Última Década” is a publication which is edits twice-yearly the Social Training center CIDPA, defined as a magazine specialized in youth subjects, of multidisciplinary character, that publishes originating contributions of social sciences, education and humanities; and it receives work which is registered in the category of articles, communications or communications to congresses, articles of revision, compatible state-of-the-art, tests and so on.

Indexed in

The articles published in the magazine “Última Década” are indexed or summarized by:

  • Network of Scientific Magazines of Latin America and The Caribbean in Social Science and Humanities; of the Independant University of the State of Mexico.
  • Regional system of Information in connection with Scientific Magazines of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal - Latindex Catalogue.
  • Bibliographical data base of Magazines of Social Sciences and Humanities – CLASS, Independant University of Mexico.


  • Any reproduction, partial or complete, only when indicating the source is permitted “Última Década” is a publication of the Centre of Scocial Studies – CIDPA.


The publication of the magazine “Última Década” is financed by:

  • Cenre of Social Studies - CIDPA.
  • Publication background of Scientific Magazines of National Commissionary of Scientific and Technological research - CONICYT.

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