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New Conditions for Publication

The Sociedad de Biología de Chile (SBC; Biology Society of Chile), owner of Revista Chilena de Historia Natural (RCHN), informs that it has recently signed an agreement with the international publisher Springer, and from January 2014 RCHN will be managed and published electronically through the SpringerLink system.

RCHN will retain its name and the SBC will manage its editorial processes, but the publication, distribution and handling of articles will be conducted online via the SpringerOpen platform, which involves changes in the language, structure, functioning and costs of the journal.

Given that the volume 87 (2013) of RCHN is already scheduled, SBC informs to the contributing authors of RCHN that, from now on, the conditions of publication in the journal include the following changes and considerations:

  • All manuscripts submitted to RCHN must be in English language only (instead of the prior bilingual option - English/Spanish).
  • The publication cost will consist of a publication fee per article (instead of per published page, as applied before), in Euros, equivalent to € 815 for SBC members and € 1,340 for nonmembers.
  • Manuscripts that were submitted or undergoing review prior to 16 October 2013 will maintain the original publication cost informed to their authors (US$ 50 per published page).
For more information about the publication of RCHN on SpringerLink, please see the official statement from the presidency of SBC in:

Basic information

Revista Chilena de Historia Natural (RCHN) is a bilingual (Spanish and English) open access journal, published by the Sociedad de Biología de Chile (Biology Society of Chile) in printed and electronic versions. RCHN publishes one volume per year and four quarterly issues per volume (March, June, September and December). Publication in RCHN is open to any person, regardless of membership status or any other distinction.

RCHN publishes original research dealing with past and present phenomena from organismic to higher levels of biological organization, considering both empirical and theoretical studies on all kinds of taxa and environments. The major areas covered by RCHN are: physiological and behavioral ecology; population biology; community ecology and ecosystems; systematics, biogeography and evolution.

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The Revista Chilena de Historia Natural is indexed in:

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  • Current Advances in Ecological Sciences
  • Wildlife Review
  • Fisheries Abstracts
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