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Scope and policy

RChDP contains five permanent sections. Section 1, on “Articles,” contains the unpublished results of research. Editorial approval for such articles is granted by the Editorial Board. Section 2, on “Professional Opinions,” contains legal briefs and opinion pieces by practicing attorneys and professors of law in an effort to provide a practical approach to the law base on court rulings and proceedings. Editorial decisions for such articles fall to the Director of RChDP. Section 3, on “Commentaries on Jurisprudence,” provides abridged critical analysis of salient case law in the field of Private Law. This section is subdivided into sections on Contract Law and Torts, Special Contracts, Family and Estate Law, Consumer’s Rights, Corporate and Antitrust Law and Civil Procedure. A specialist in each sub-topic is responsible for reviewing submissions. Comments are reviewed by the Editorial Board and a professor responsible for each section prior to publication. Lastly, Section 5, entitled “Reviews,” is open to the contributions of external authors, subject to the approval of the Editorial Board. This section seeks to provide information on recent publications in the area of Private Law, both domestically and internationally.

The Director of RChDP shall forward works submitted for consideration to a member of the Editorial Board and an outsider expert. Decisions will be informed by June 15th and November 15th each year, at the latest. The decision to publish will be based on original analysis, quality of argumentation, style, and bibliography. Evaluators shall indicate whether the paper should be accepted for publication, accepted with corrections or rejected.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Only original, unpublished works will be accepted. The official language of RChDP is Spanish. Articles in English, French, Italian or Portuguese will be published in Spanish. Works published previously in languages other than Spanish will be considered unpublished.

  • Each article shall be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 200 words in English and Spanish as well as a list of keywords in said languages.
  • Under the title, articles shall indicate the name of the author and institutional affiliation.
  • The cover page footer shall contain the full address of the author’s university, research center or institutional affiliation.
  • Articles shall be divided into sections divided by Roman numerals, centered and separated from the body of the text. The text may be subsequently subdivided into paragraphs using Arabic numbers followed by a period (1.), preferably unlabeled. In the cases of subsequent subdivisions, these shall be indicated by letters followed by a closed parenthesis [a), b), c), etc.].
  • Citations shall be listed in footnotes.
  • RChDP includes a “Acronym and Abbreviations” section for author’s reference. Authors may provide their own, duly annotated.
  • Citations of manuals and monographs shall be presented as followed: author’s last name in SMALL CAPS, followed by a comma (,) and the first name of the author in lower case letters followed by a comma (,) and the title of the work in italics; subsequently, the place, publishing house, date of publication and corresponding page (p.). If the work consists of more than one volume, the corresponding volume shall be indicated in Roman numbers following the date of publication.

Example: CLARO SOLAR, Luis, Explicaciones de derecho civil chileno, Santiago, Editorial Nascimento, 1935, vol. iv, p. 234.

  • Citations of articles published in journals, miscellaneous publications or collective works shall be presented as follows: author’s last name in SMALL CAPS, followed by a comma (,) and the first name of the author in lower case letters; followed by the name of the publication between quotation marks (“ ”) and the word following the titles of the journal or publication in italics, with an indication of the volume in Arabic numbers followed by a comma (,) place and date of publication and page (p.) or pages (pp.).

Example: REMY, Phillippe, “Planiol: un civiliste à la Belle Epoque”, in Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Civil, Paris, January-March, 2002, pp. 31-45.

  • Citations of a previously quoted work or article shall be noted as follows: author’s last name in SMALL CAPS followed by the letter n. (note) and the footnote number of the first citation in the paper or article between parentheses, followed by the page number (p.).

Example: BARROS ERRÁZURIZ (n. 23), p. 54.

Sending of manuscripts

The submission deadline for the July and December editions of the Journal is May 30th and October 30th, respectively.

  • Manuscripts should be addressed to the Director of RChDP. Manuscripts will not be returned.
  • Original copies of the article shall be presented, typed, single spaced, with no spaces between paragraphs, and footnotes. Text shall be presented in Times New Roman typeface, using 12 font for text and 10 font for footnotes on letter size pages. Originals should be sent to Revista Chilena de Derecho Privado, Avenida República N° 105, Santiago de Chile, supported by an electronic copy in Microsoft Word format emailed to

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