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Basic Information

The magazine Ius et Praxis is a biannual edition of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Universidad de Talca. Its main objective is to stimulate the discussion, communication and diffusion. Of the legal knowledge in a rigorous way and open to the plurality of thought. For this purpose, Ius et Praxis keeps four sections: (I) Doctrine Articles, (II) Documents, (III) Jurisprudence and (IV) Recenssions and Comments.
Ius et Praxis is indexed in the Scielo System, an electronic library which includes a selected collection of Chilean scientific magazines, and in Chile it is developed by the Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica.
The main sections of Ius et Praxis is the one about Doctrine Articles which constitutes the via by means of which the results of the legal research carried out in different disciplines are communicated and diffused, in order they can be known by all the community, keeping the exigency and academic rigorousness, a task developed in a pluralist and respectful frame towards various positions.
In order to keep such exigencies and academic rigorousness, articles applying to be published in this section of Doctrine Articles, are subjected to a previous revision of the Editorial Committee and a blind Arbitration carried out by academic pairs, not only national but also international.
The contributions to other sections of Ius et Praxis are submitted to the Editorial Committee for a quality and relevance revision.
Articles, notes and bibliographic information and comments of sentences published, will be able to be totally or partially reproduced, being necessary to quote their source.

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  • lus et Praxis Magazine is a publication of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Universidad de Talca.


  • The publication Ius et Praxis is financed by the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Universidad de Talca.

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