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Scope and policy

Authors interested in publishing papers in Ingeniare. Revista chilena de ingeniería must send articles which comply with the publication norms detailed below. The topics must be related to the following areas of engineering: electronics, electricity, computing, mechanics, industry, acoustic, metallurgy, research, technology and /or engineering education.

In order to be admitted for revision, the articles must be sent with an introductory letter stating:

  • that the manuscript has not been submitted to another publisher.
  • that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere.
  • that all the listed authors agree with the contents of the paper and they grant the rights for publication to “Ingeniare. Revista chilena de ingeniería”.

Form and preparation of manuscripts


The author’s rights may not be granted to third parties. If necessary, the editor reserves the right to carry out minor modifications for editing, in order to achieve a better presentation of the work. Papers may be presented in English (if possible), Spanish, and Portuguese.

Authors should include at least five names of possible peer reviewers along with their e-mail addresses, preferably institutional. The proposed evaluators should be experts in the area of the manuscript under consideration, and should not belong to the author’s institution of origin.


Four types of contributions are regularly considered:

  • Papers. Presentation of significant research, development, or application of technologies.
  • Brief papers. Concise descriptions of a relevant contribution to a specific aspect of design, methodology,
    execution, or application of technologies.
  • Letters. Significant remarks of interest to engineers, researchers and academics and/or comments on
    previously published papers.
  • Special papers. Tutorials, surveys, and perspectives on the current trends in engineering. Occasionally
    special papers could be considered for publication as editorials. Authors are encouraged to contact the
    editor before submitting such papers.

Papers and brief papers go through the same review process. Letters go through a shorter review process
to facilitate rapid publication.

The editor will recommend the publication of papers whose content will be the author’s full responsibility. Originals accepted for publication will not be returned. Editing or rejections will be notified in writing, in due time to the first author. The editor may consider for publication papers presented in national and international conferences and scientific meetings.

Papers should not be exceed 15 pages and must comply with the following format:

Paper: letter size 21,59 cm x 27,94 cm ; margins: top 3 cm, bottom 2 cm, left 2,5 cm and right
1,5 cm.

Title of the article, centered in bold type, Times New Roman 12 pt.; according to international standards and following orthographic rules. (i.e.: Article title: format). The title should be written in English and Spanish or Portuguese, clearly stating the subject. The title should be brief but precisely describing the ideas presented.

Authors names should be, with upper index showing their institutional filiation, separated by one tab space, centered under the title of the article. The complete filiation should be in the footnote, identified by the corresponding Arabic number, including: Institution, full postal address and e–mail (preferably institutional) of each author. Please do not translate the original institution names.

Text titles should be typed in 10 pt. bold Times New Roman font and centered, leaving one blank line between paragraphs.

The body of the text should be single-spaced, with one line-space between paragraphs, all in10 pt. Times New Roman font.

The text should begin with a summary in English, of not more than 250 words, headed by the word ABSTRACT. It must briefly state: what has been done in this work, how it was carried out (explain in more detail, if necessary), main results obtained and relevance of the results.

A summary is an abbreviated but comprehensive presentation of the article and it must inform about the objective, methodology and the results of the work described in the paper.

A version of the abstract in Spanish headed by the word RESUMEN or a version in Portuguese headed by the word RESUMO (for articles in Portuguese), should be included immediately after the abstract.

Immediately after each summary and abstract (or resumo and abstract) there should be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 keywords, defining the main contents of the article. They should be listed under Keywords:, Palabras clave:, Palavras chave:, according to the languages used.

The INTRODUCTION and the body of the article should be in double column with 0.5 cm space between them. Paragraphs should be single spaced, no indentation. The introduction must be a page and a half long, and it should guide the reader towards an understanding of the problem presented. It should also include information about the nature of the problem, references to previous works, purpose and meaning of the paper.

The body of the paper will contain fundamental information about the work. Information should be clearly presented. Language should be objective and impersonal. The author must verify that the article complies with the requirements of publication, language correctness and specific terms accepted by the scientific community.

CONCLUSIONS must be clear, stating what is shown in the work as well as its relevance. They must also state advantages, limitations, application results and future perspectives.

AKNOWLEDGEMENTS: May be included before the bibliography, identifying individuals and institutions that supported the research either intellectually or financially.

REFERENCES will be written with numbers in square parentheses and they will be listed at the end of the paper. References should be based on indexed publications, books or patents and be presented as follows:

Articles of magazines:

[N°] Author’s First Initial Name, Last Name. “Title”. Magazine name. Volume Issue, pp. pages number. Date.


[N°] Author’s First Initial Name, Last Name. “Title”. Volume, pp. page numbers. Editorial name. Number of Edition. City, Country. Date. (month,year). ISSN: (Printed and/or on line).DOI:


[N°] Author’s First Initial Name, Last Name. “Title”. Congress name. City, Country. Date (Month, year).


[N°] Author’s First Initial Name, Last Name. “Title”. Patent office. Number of patent. Country. Date (Month, year).

Electronic references:

[N°] Author’s First Initial Name, Last Name. “Title”. Date (Month, year). Date of visit. URL:.

Please do not use hyperlinks, only direct access addresses.

Articles may contain references to the author’s previous work, provided that citations correspond to the most relevant and pertinent to the theme developed.


All equations, pictures and photographs must bear a number that will be used for identification purposes throughout the text. Pictures and photographs must be of high quality (300 dpi.) and include an explanatory caption. Please include a minimum of colors, preferably gray scale for graphs.

Publishing Frequency: “Ingeniare. Revista chilena de ingeniería” has a tri-annual publication schedule.

Sending of manuscripts


Manuscripts should be submitted by the corresponding author in MS Word and PDF format directly via e-mail to the magazine editor. Addressed to: “Ingeniare. Revista chilena de ingeniería”, e-mail:

Manuscripts not complying with given instructions will not be processed and the main author will be notified in this event.

Manuscripts finally accepted for publication will be sent, in PDF format corresponding to the press version, for the author’s approval. Confirmation of approval should be sent back to the Editor within 48 hours, stating the authorization for publication by “Ingeniare. Revista chilena de ingeniería”. Only minor changes, such as edition or typographical errors will be accepted.

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