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The International Journal of Morphology (Revista Internacional de Morfología), Print ISSN 0717-9367; Online ISSN 0717-9502  an official publication of the Chilean Society of Anatomy, Argentine Association of Anatomy  and Panamerican Association of Anatomy. It is the continuation of Revista Chilena de Anatomía (Chilean Anatomical Journal) and is published quarterly.

The four  issues published  yearly constitute one volume. This journal covers anatomy in all its aspects-gross, histological and developmental, as applied to medical practice, as well as  morphological aspects of molecular, cellular, systems, or evolutionary biology. Reviews, short and brief communications and Letters to the Editor are also accepted.

They will be critically refereed by at least two independent reviewers who are either members of the Editorial Board or ad hoc referees and who are committed to processing manuscripts as quickly as possible and to the highest standards. Acceptance is based upon scientific content and presentation of the material.

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This journal authorizes the publication of the information herewith contained, only if the source has been duly cited.


The publication of the International Journal of Morphology, is partly  subsidized by the "Funds for Publication of Scientific Journals" of the National Commission of Scientific and Technological Research  CONICYT.

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