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Electronic Journal of Biotechnology looks for the establishment of a policy to allow a broad dissemination and utilization without any cost for the scientific and academic community.

All requests for commercial copying or reproduction should be addressed to the Editor. Also, all authorized reproduction in any form or by any means, must give full credit to the article and the journal. In this context reproduction means when an article is copied by electronic or mechanical means more than three times for the same person. In addition, when data published in EJB is included in another publication is also consider reproduction.

Printing and photocopy of articles are authorized for personal use. The use of the journal for educational purpose is encouraged. Particularly:
* Institutions may establish hypertext links to specific articles in the journal's site with the purpose of developing training packages, seminars, or instruction material. They cannot, however, place a digital version, or part of it, in their own servers for public access without authorization from the Editor.

* Nonprofit institutions in high education can make photocopies of articles for teaching purposes. In this case, they should inform the Editor the name of the course where the reproduction will be used, the assurance that it is an exact copy including the copyright note, and if any fee is charged, it covers only the cost of reproduction. It is prohibited to place the digital version and/or part of it in the institution's servers for public access without permission from the Editor.

Authors can have a copy of the final version in their servers, but it is recommended they maintain a link to the server where the original article is located and include this note about usage policies.

Copyright violations are the sole responsibility of the person who made the copy and not the service provider by transmitting material through the Internet or providing access to their servers.

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