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Scope and policy

Cuadernos de Historia is an academic journal of history addressed to academic scholars and students. It publishes original research articles by Chilean and foreign authors. The journal is interested in all areas of history and open to every philosophical current without discriminating against any of them.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Articles must be sent to the Director of Cuadernos de Historia, and they should follow the guidelines described below. Only those articles that comply with these instructions will be sent to qualified researchers for their evaluation.

Articles will be evaluated by two peers designated by the Editorial Committee, from an institution different from the author's. These specialists will submit their reports in maximum time of five months. The Director of our Journal will notify the results of the evaluation to the author(s). Once the required modifications are done, the Director will inform the author regarding the publishing date, the directors reserving the option to include the articles in one the following issues within two years from the date on which the article was accepted, and to make minor modifications in the style of the original text if necessary. The authors are responsible for the content and opinions expressed in the text, which will not necessarily represent the opinions of the editors.

The original text should be sent in Spanish or English. It should be generated on a computer formatted in standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper size, Times New Roman font size 12 pt, double -spaced, and mailed to the Director of Cuadernos de Historia, email address All references should be in footnotes, typed in Times New Roman font size 10 pt and single-spaced. The size of the articles shall be a maximum of 25 pages, including graphics and photographs. The name(s) of the author(s) should be justified to the right, indicating, as a footnote, academic degree, institution, and email address. The title should be written in Spanish and English. Below the title the text should include an abstract in Spanish and English, of a maximum of ten lines, followed by a maximum of six keywords that identify the matters treated in the articles.

Once the article is approved, the dates of reception and acceptance for publication will be incorporated into the articles.

When a book is cited for the first time, the footnote citation should include surname(s), name(s), title (in italics for book titles), place of publication, publisher, year of publication, separated by commas. If citing articles, the author, title (in quotation marks), number of the issue of the journal, year and number of pages must be included. The following quotes of the same text will indicate author and title, op. cit. and page number, as follows:

Pereira Salas, Eugenio, Los primeros contactos entre Chile y Estados Unidos, Santiago, Editorial Andrés Bello, 1972.
Pereira Salas, 1971, op. cit., p. 83.

Meza Villalobos, Néstor, "La política indígena en el siglo XVI. Contribución a su estudio", Revista Chilena de Historia y Geografía, n° 112, Santiago, 1948, pp- 35-50.

In the case of a book or articles with more than 3 authors, all authors should be mentioned in the first footnote. The following references should only mention the first author followed by, year and page number(s).

Villalobos, Sergio; Osvaldo Silva; Fernando Silva y Patricio Estellé, Historia de Chile, Santiago, Editorial Universitaria, 1976.
Villalobos, op.cit., 1976, p. 341.

Chapters or sections of a book should indicate the author of that section and the title followed by "en", and the editor, title of the book, city, editorial, year and page numbers:

Izquierdo Fernández, Gonzalo, "Rasgos utópicos en iniciativas agrarias e industriales durante la primera mitad del siglo XIX en Chile"- en Gonzalo Izquierdo, (Ed.), Agricultura, trabajo y sociedad en América hispana, Serie Nuevo Mundo Cinco Siglos n° 3, Santiago, Departamento de Ciencias Históricas, Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades, Universidad de Chile, 1989, p. 107-141.

Documentary materials should be presented between quotation marks, indicating archive, volume and page number and fojas.

All works cited should be cited in footnotes.

Other contributions:

Documents must include an abstract of 5 or 6 lines, and keywords.

Book reviews will be sent with the complete information about the work reviewed, including author, title, place of publication, editorial and ISBN number.

All accepted collaborators will receive a printed copy of Cuadernos de Historia and ten printed copies of his or her article, separately.

Sending of manuscripts

The original text should be sent in Spanish or English, mailed to the Director of Cuadernos de Historia, email address c

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