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The journal ATENEA is published twice a year by the Universidad de Concepción.

Its objective is to disseminate research findings and reflection in the areas of Chilean and Latin American culture.

It includes relevant themes from different disciplines (literary, sociological, plastic, historical, scientific, etc.) that arise from investigations and studies coming from the universities and intellectual worlds of Chile and Latin America. It privileges humanistic reflection and a critical-cultural perspective.

It is a publication directed to investigators, thinkers, artists and readers in general who are interested in the development of ideas, knowledge and critical intellectual dialogue.

ATENEA considers for publication unpublished articles which will be evaluated according to indications in point 2 of the publication norms.

Articles will be accepted that correspond to one of the following sections of the journal:

  • Articles, should have a maximum of 20 pages, including bibliographical references and abstracts in English and Spanish.
  • Notes, should have a maximum of 10 pages.
  • Visual Arts, should have a maximum of 12 pages, including illustrations.
  • Interviews, should have a maximum of 10 pages.
  • Reviews, should have a maximum of 4 pages.

Publication Norms

Publication Norms

1. Originals. Contributions to the journal should be double-spaced, on letter sized paper with margins right, left, topside and bottom of 3 cm, in Times New Roman, 12 point.

2. The following should be included:

a) Title of the work
b) Autor(s) name(s)
c) Highest academic degree, institution author is associated with, city, country and email address
d) Resumen and palabras claves
e) Abstract and key words

1.1 The works should be sent, processed in Word software, to the email address of the journal (

1.2 Illustrations. ATENEA considers the presence of graphic images to be a valuable contribution to its pages and invites its authors to complement their writing with pertinent photographs, illustrations or drawings and, if possible, that these be of documentary and artistic value. On the contrary, the Direction of the journal reserves the right to illustrate the text without previous consultation of the author(s). Photographic material should be sent in either “jpg”or “tif” folders with a resolution of at least 300 pixels and not less than 12 cm wide.

1.3 Citations and bibliographical references. The citations in the text and on the final list should be presented in the American Psychological Association (A.P.A.) format:

a) When the last name of the author forms part of the narrative only the year of publication of the article is included in parenthesis:

Example: González (2001) studied the relationships between…

b) When the last name and the date of publication do not form part of the body of the text, both elements are included in parenthesis, separated by a coma.

Example: The author points out that the relationships between politics and language (González, 2001: 52) are always complex…

c) When both the date and the last name form part of the sentence, parentheses are not used.

Example: In 2001 González studied the relationships between politics and language…

d) If there is more than one article/work by a single author that appears in the same year, it will be cited with a letter following the year.

Example: (González, 2001a, González, 2001b, etc.)

The bibliographical references in the final list should be in alphabetical order and by date of publication in the case of more than one work per author.

Journal: Last name of each author, initials of first name or initials of the first and middle names, year of publication (in parenthesis), period, title of the work (in quotation marks), period, name of the journal (in italics), volume number, comma, initial page-final page of the article.

Example: González, M. (2000). “Política y lenguaje”. Atenea 485, 21-26.

Book: Last name of each author, initial of the first name or initials of the first and middle names, year of publication, title of book (in italics or underlined), edition, volume, chapter and/or pages, city and country where published and the name of the publisher.

Example: González, M. (2001). Teoría del signo, 2ª edic., vol. II. Concepción, Chile: Editorial Universidad de Concepción.

All of the works cited in the body of the text should appear in the final reference list and all of the works in the final reference list should be cited in the text.

2. System of arbitration and selection of articles. The articles received are submitted to the Editorial Committee, and distributed, according to the topic, among five specialists who form part of the Committee. If the articles don’t exactly correspond to the disciplines of Committee members, they are sent for peer review to either internal or external peers of the University. In cases of conflict in which there are two contradictory evaluations, a third peer is called on to clarify the problem.

3. Author-subscriber. ATENEA has created the figure of author-subscriber which means that, once approved the work, the author should pay the sum of US$100 previous to publication of the work.

4. Author notification. The principal author will be notified on receipt of the work, and, later, if the work has been selected for publication by the Editorial Advisory Council.

5. Publication rights. The authors concede to ATENEA all publication rights and dissemination of the articles selected for inclusion in the journal, both on paper and electronically or using any other support, including inclusion in catalogs, libraries, servers or on-line sites.

6. Order of publication. The order of publication for articles will be determined by the Director.

7. Mailing address. Those interested in publishing in the journal should send their works by certified mail to:

  • Revista Atenea
    Universidad de Concepción
    Biblioteca Central, Of. 11, Campus Universitario
    Fono (56-41)2204590 - Fax (56-41)2228262
    Casilla 160-C, Correo 3

For questions and more information, please write to the address listed above.

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